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Why Choose Savage?

Tampa FL’s 5-star IT, Computer Repair and Software Solutions Provider.

Based in Brandon, Tampa FL, Savage Consulting is a leading Managed Services Provider, specializing in comprehensive IT support and cloud software solutions for small to mid-sized business. Our mission is to provide the best quality computer repair, products and service at a competitive rate.

Bob Savage

CEO, Microsoft Certified, Veteran


IT Technician, Microsoft Certified

Justin Ebaugh

IT Technician, Microsoft Certified


Elias Matias

IT Technician, Microsoft Certified

Carrie Ansell

Office Manager

Why is Savage Consulting in Business?

  1. We Love helping people.
  2. We Love Technology.
  3. We Love Learning.
  4. We Love being better today than we were yesterday at what we do.
  5. We Love researching problems and finding new technical solutions for our clients.

Mission Statement

We love helping businesses solve problems and become more efficient with technology.  The measure of our success is our client’s success.  Our mission is to provide the best quality products and services at a competitive rate.  In the Tampa Bay area, we are delighted to be recognized as the leading provider of computer services and solutions.

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