While some anti-virus protection adds a level of security, it is still dependent upon the computer user to watch for vulnerabilities and not to allow viruses to bypass the anti-virus protection. This bypassing of anti-virus software typically occurs when users are surfing the internet and click something they shouldn’t and then click “Allow” or “OK.”  Doing this allows the malware or virus to install onto their PC system. Follow the guidelines below to help prevent a virus:

– Do not download from questionable sites.

– If you get an error message or alert, be sure to read what it says before you click “OK.”

– If you are unsure, click “Cancel.”  This is always a safe alternative.

– If your anti-virus software gives you an alert, be sure to read the full message before clicking a choice. If you are unfamiliar with the alert, click “Block,” “No,” or “Cancel.”

– None of the substantial number of available anti-virus suites are 100% effective. The software cannot prevent viral infection caused by human error. Even with anti-virus software, the user must remain vigilant and not fall for tricks that could lead to a virus.


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