DentrixThe document center for Dentrix is very helpful for every day operations especially with scanning and importing documents/images into patient files.

The document center even has a convenient send document button that automatically attaches the document to an email ready to send.

The problem that our users have run into is that their messages will not send or are denied because the attachments are too large.

This problem originated for our users due to that the quick scan button uses a twain driver and imports only as JPEG. This JPEG format is much larger in size than PDF.

Most scanners come with their own proprietary software which allows the scanners to scan documents/images as PDF instead of the larger JPEG format.

This software is the software that should be used instead of the Dentrix Quick Scan. After the scanner program scans the documents as PDF you can then use the Dentrix Document Center to ‘import file’ and attach the already scanned PDF to the patient.

Once the PDF files are used instead of JPEG the smaller file sizes should help with emailing and server space.