Do you have or can you get a signed Business agreement from dropbox, google drive, onedrive or any other cloud folder solution?

What if you have a data breech? Do you want to spend the funds associated with a breech?

With so many “cloud” options out there, how can you know which one is for you or which one will be the safest option?

Our ECHOshare is the only clear way to go. Google drive, Apple’s icloud, Dropbox, and box don’t come close to what we can offer you and your business. Where bandwidth throttling, uploading items via email or media streaming may only be provided by a few of these options we can provide you with all of them, and then some!

Additionally, you can count on the security of your files to be our top priority too. With the pressure of constant online dangers, we want to reiterate that, we here at Savage, will ensure optimum privacy.

Think of it this way, ECHOshare is going to provide employees a safe and easy way to do a little bit of what- if combined- the other guys are offering on one safe and secure platform. ECHOshare is designed to be the perfect business-grade file sync and share solution for your customers. ECHOshare offers the convenient sharing and collaboration tools your end users want, with the security and compliance you know they need.


With ECHOshare, you never have to wonder about who has access to your SMBs’ data or where it resides.

ECHOshare is easily managed from a single administrative dashboard and offers complete visibility over all data, devices, and users.

It’s easy to remove a device or user from the system, eliminating the risk of important data leaking outside of the company, and our Active Directory integration further centralizes user management.


ECHOshare is built to help companies comply with data security regulations and best practices.

Data shared with ECHOshare is encrypted with a secure 256-bit encryption key in transit and in storage, and the software meets compliance standards for major regulations like HIPAA and PCI.

Admins can lock files from PC or mobile, and remotely wipe lost, stolen, or failed devices to protect data.


ECHOshare users enjoy enterprise-grade security plus all the convenience and ease-of-use of popular consumer-grade file sync and share solutions.

The platform lets you sync multiple PCs and mobile devices and share content across teams, and you can easily upload files via a web browser, mobile application, or even by email.

ECHOshare also integrates with top office productivity tools like, Office 365, and Google Drive.


No matter what the device, ECHOshare covers all bases and lets users easily sync and share content on all major PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

ECHOshare supports Windows and Mac PCs, iPads and iPhones, and Android smartphones and tablets.

You can also manage data via our web application, which is supported on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can even download ECHOshare from the App Store.


With ECHOshare, users can stay productive anywhere – whether they are in the office or on the go.

The platform includes a built-in Microsoft Office editor that lets users edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on any mobile device.

Users can even save documents locally for offline mobile work – perfect for times such as travel when the mobile device is off line or has limited connectivity.