Disaster Recovery

Is your business prepared for a disaster? Unfortunately, the last time the typical corporate backup system was checked and tested was the day it was installed. A backup and recovery system plays a key role in minimizing downtime in a disaster and preventing data loss in the event of server or application failure. The backup and recovery infrastructure must take into account various factors. SAVAGE CONSULTING provides build, configuration and test guidance for your corporate backup and recovery.

SAVAGE CONSULTING will provide your business with operations procedures for the backup and recovery, guided by the unique data requirements of your company. Throughout this process, assessments will be made about data so that the most appropriate strategies can be applied to each type of data. Data growth, backup and recovery will be structured for each type of server, according to the complexity of the storage network environment and legal compliance requirements.

savage-consulting-disaster-recoverySAVAGE CONSULTING offers the best data backup solutions for its clients. On-site, off-site or both, SAVAGE CONSULTING provides the most efficient and cost effective solutions for your business. Data is vital, and if lost or compromised the business can be severely damaged or shut down.

SAVAGE CONSULTING will design the most effective solution that fits your businesses needs and budget. Our team of consultants will conduct an analysis of your business and develop the perfect solution for you. After years of deploying Backup Solutions and implementing Disaster Recovery Plans, our Backup Consulting Experts have gained extensive experience and can help your business to prepare a recovery strategy that meets your business and technology needs so you can quickly recover from a system outage that may stop your company to continue operating.

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